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Consignment Program Information

Please view our consignment program information here; including details regarding our used boat rating system. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us.


Consignment Program Information

Paddle Sports Online has a great used Boat Barn. We sell lots of used kayaks, rafts, and SUPs! Let us sell your boat for you on consignment. Just bring us your used boat, fill out the required paperwork and we’ll do all the work.

  • We ship your kayak anywhere in the U.S., and often sell them right here in Kernville.
  • Sierra South takes a 25% consignment fee, if you turn your dollars into store credit. This store credit can be used in our store anytime for anything and does not expire.
  • We take a 30% consignment fee, if you would like it to go straight to your pocket. A check will be issued within 2-3 weeks of the sale of your kayak.
  • We will pay you for the kayak once it sold, shipped, and accepted by the buyer.
  • You can set the price on your kayak, or we would be happy to suggest a price for you based on the condition of the boat and current market value.
  • You own the boat and can take it out of the consignment program at anytime.

Sierra South and Paddle Sports Online reserves the right to refuse kayaks we consider un-sellable (beat up dinosaurs).

Used Boat Rating System

Paddle Sports Online sells used kayaks, rafts, and SUPs from Sierra South’s commercial fleet and through our consignment program. All used boats receive a rating as listed below. 

A+ / Basically brand new. Possibly a minor scratches from being moved in warehouse.

A / Minor scratches or wear from transportation. Barely paddled.

A- / Well taken care of, may have minor scratches.

B+ / Used, but still looks great.

B / Visible scratches, kayak/raft in good condition.

B- / Many scratches, kayak outfitting may show wear. Raft holds air!

C+ / Very scratched up and possibly faded. Kayak/raft is worn, but still functional. Raft has patches or wear marks and may leak.

C / Well-used, very scratched. Kayak may have some oil canning & outfitting in poor shape. Rafts could have some missing handles, wear marks, a few patches and may leak.

C- / Well Loved. Blemishes and patches will be noted.

D+ / Great for garden planters, winter sled, or kiddie pool.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about your order please contact us.

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