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Used // C- Condition Avon Scout

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Product Details
Brand: Avon
Condition: Used
This is a C- Condition Avon Scout. The Avon Scout is an iconic, cherished hypalon raft used around the world. As Avon is no longer in business, the Avon Scout is a highly sought after raft. Sierra South inherited these rafts with the purchase of Kern River Tours in 2019. They are not a part of our fleet as they don’t match our existing boats. We expect these rafts to sell quickly so please inquire if you are interested!

This used C- condition Avon Scout is grey. C- condition rafts are projects; however with some work they can be real diamonds in the rough. The condition rating for these boats is listed on the additional information tab. Our full rating system can be viewed on our Consignment Program Information page.

Avon Shred Dr.

This Scout is in fair condition. The raft has all handles, with two footcups at the bow. The bow right valve patch is leaking. The valve itself is fine, it is the hypalon material that connects the valve to the boat that is leaking. The leak is fast enough that it will need to be replaced before taking it on the river. There is significant delamination of the fender that surrounds the raft, there is no Perimeter Line, and contains six patches. There is a stern thwart, it was unpacked after the photo was taken. This Scout does not contain D-rings, but rather webbing loops that can be used to attach a Perimeter Line. This raft was manufactured in 1993.

Additional information

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 147 × 71 in


Condition Rating

C- / Well Loved. Blems and patches will be noted.






Boat Length

12.5 ft.

Raft SKU

Avon Shred Dr

Rafting Classes Available:

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Our Guide Manager reviews and rates all used the rafts that we sell. Major issues will be noted, but minor and cosmetic issues might not be listed. Please Contact Us for more information or to speak with one of the experienced boaters on staff.

Sierra South does not accept returns on ANY sale items or used gear or boats. All used gear, kayaks, rafts, and SUPs are sold as-is. Please carefully review the additional information section and Contact Us if you have any additional questions.

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