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Used B Minus Condition Hyside Outfitter 14ft Raft

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Product Details
Brand: Hyside
Condition: Used
Type: Self Bailing Raft

The Hyside Outfitter Raft 14 is widely considered the classic all-around performer. A beefy 19 inch tube diameter and 14ft overall length help make the Outfitter 14 a formidable self-bailing whitewater destroyer for paddle crews up to an 8-person commercial setup. As a framed gear rig, this boat is nearly unbeatable in its versatility on the water.

With its 6ft 6in exterior width and 71in straight tube, the Hyside Outfitter Raft 14 is also one of our most popular platforms for frame building and accepts up to a 3-Bay Dolores Raft Frame or even a San Juan 3-Bay Fishing Frame with floors and thigh braces. The 41in interior width means most coolers in the 80 to 100qt range nest comfortably inside the tubes.

With three included thwarts, the Hyside Outfitter Raft 14 is also one of the more popular options if you find yourself consistently running R2 to 8-person paddle crews on Class III-V whitewater but wanting more leg room and volume, along with better multi-day capability and a heavier gut to help punch through wavetrains or boat-eating holes. This boat comes with all the burly features you expect from Hyside such as full length urethane bottom chafers, full length top frame chafers, hinge and pin thwart attachments, and dependable Leafield valves.

If you're looking for that one boat to do it all, go with a 14ft Hyside.

This used Hyside 14ft Outfitter has B- rating. B- condition rafts are in useable condition, but will be visible worn and may require some repairs to get them back in top shape. With a little work these can be awesome boats for years to come. Major issues will be noted, but minor or cosmetic issues may not be. Please carefully review the notes below when selecting your boat. Contact Us for more information or stop by our Kernville shop.

HSB03 Has a herniated floor baffle and PRV leak.

Hyside Outfitter 14 Rafts Features
  • Hypalon Coated 1680 Denier Nylon Fabric
  • Urethane Bottom Chafers
  • Preventive Wear Patch
  • 6 Handles
  • Triple Bonded Seams
  • Self Bailing Floor
  • 3 Hinge and Pin Thwarts
  • Leafield Valves
  • 8 Chambers
  • 8 D-Rings


Our Guide Manager reviews and rates all used the rafts that we sell. Major issues will be noted, but minor and cosmetic issues might not be listed. Please Contact Us for more information or to speak with one of the experienced boaters on staff.

Shipping in not included in the price of the boat. Shipping for inflatable kayaks starts at $100, but varies widely. Please provide a zip code for an accurate shipping quote.

All sales are final. Sierra South does not accept returns on ANY sale items or used gear or boats. All used gear, kayaks, rafts, and SUPs are sold as-is. Please carefully review the additional information section and Contact Us if you have any additional questions.

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