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Consignment B Plus Dagger Redline

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Product Details
UPC: DAW43841F999
Brand: Dagger
Condition: Used B+
Serial Number: DAW43841F999

The Dagger Redline is the next step up on the food chain from the legendary RPM.

One of Dagger's classic playboats, designed by Steve Scarborough and Marc Lyle, the Redline combined the comfort of the RPM with razor sharp chines and a planing hull that spins where the RPM has never spun before. The Redline is a high performance river-running playboat with slicey, well-balanced ends for performing the latest moves.
"People think that to pull off the hottest moves, you've got to sacrifice river-running capability," Marc Lyle notes. "The redline shatters that myth. In this boat, you can show off with the latest tricks you thought were only available in a park-and-play boat."

He continues, "It combines the smooth contours and slicey ends of the RPM with high performance volume distribution and a planing hull concept that's easy to handle. This boat spins. It's also another step up in comfort from the RPM, offering increased knee and foot room. This is truly the best cockpit we've designed."

This used Dagger Redline is here on consignment. The boat is in B+ condition, which means it shows some use or age but is still in great shape. Our full rating system can be viewed on our Consignment Program Information page.

Additional information


43 lbs


102 × 25 × 14 in









Weight Range

140-230 lb

Boat Length

8 ft. 6 in.

Boat Volume

65 gal.


*Shipping is not included in the price. Boat size generates an estimated shipping price, but is subject to change. Someone will be in contact if further action is necessary. Click here for more Shipping Info or Contact Us .

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