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NRS // Co-Pilot Knife

The Pilot Knife now has a little brother – the NRS Co-Pilot. Great features – smooth and serrated cutting edges
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Brand: NRS

The Pilot Knife now has a little brother - the NRS Co-Pilot knife. Great features - smooth and serrated cutting edges, blunt safety tip, bottle opener, etc. Compact design is a fine fit on your PFD.

NRS Co-Pilot Knife Features

An excellent knife for freshwater boating and rescue.

For all of your cutting needs the Co-Pilot has both super-sharp smooth and serrated sections.

The blunt tip design protects against unintentional puncture of your gear or yourself.

As another safety feature, the blade is only sharpened on one edge. This, along with the blunt tip, helps prevent injury in a tight rescue situation.

The unique sheath firmly locks the knife in place and only lets it go when you squeeze both sides of the release.

The comfortable rubberized grip wraps around the contoured handle, giving you maximum control of the blade.

The sheath clip attaches firmly to a PFD lash tab.

Also included in the handle are a bottle opener and an oxygen tank valve wrench.

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