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NRS // Infinity Rodeo Float Bag

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Short and narrow flotation bags fit on either side of the stern support pillar in today’s short freestyle kayaks.
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Short and narrow the Infinity Rodeo float bag fit on either side of the stern support pillar in today's short freestyle kayaks. NRS Infinity series float bags are one of the most popular flotation bags. Stern float Bags are available as a pair or individually. Please be aware that there are many, many kayak models. You will need to measure the space in your kayak that you want to fill in order to determine which flotation bags will work for you.

Infinity Rodeo Float Bag Features

NRS uses 10-gauge Urethane material which won't leak or de-laminate!

Dimensions inflated: 28"L x 9"D x 13"W, 3"W at tip.

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