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Salamander // Golden Retriever Throw Bag

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The Golden Retriever (packed with 5/16″ 1000 lb MFP Spectra Core rope) is the benchmark for all other rescue bags.
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The Golden Retriever throw bag is the benchmark for all other rescue bags. The combination of tow tether and throw rope makes these bags the most widely sought waist worn rescue bag in the industry. The bag rides comfortably below your PFD and out-of-the-way of kayak cockpits, an oh so natural fit! Popular among paddle rafters and guides who often rely on the 8' of tether line with a carabiner to quickly set up a flip line!

Golden Retriever Throw Bag Features

500 Denier Cordura bag

An adjustable slider on the waist belt, 51" max

52', 5/16" 2500 lb MFP Spectra Core throw line with an 8 foot tow tether (60' total) yellow with red tracer (Stuffed bag weight - 1lb 8.5oz)

1.5" Webbing belt with quick release buckle rides comfortably below PFD

Anodized aluminum Key Lock carabiner (conceals in pocket)

Padded Waist Band: 5" x 11"

Bag: 10"L x 4"H x 3"D (Stuffed)

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Rope Length

60 ft.




Rafting, Rescue, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Whitewater Kayaking

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