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Used A+ Condition Dagger Code MD

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Dagger’s latest creation is a fusion of the ever-popular Mamba model and super speedster, the Phantom. Charging ahead for all skill levels of paddler, the modern semi-planing hull offers high performance without sacrificing stability, while the high-rockered design delivers immediate feedback to keep you fully locked in for dialing in those sweet lines. Available with Dagger's class-leading ContourErgo Outfitting. With a something for everyone from aspiring to advanced, the Code becomes the pillar of the Dagger whitewater line.

This Code is in A+ condition the owner only paddled it 3 times.

Dagger Code Features

Adjustable Backband// A four-point adjustable backband offers dialed-in, customized back support.

Optimized Cockpit Design// The cockpit is designed in dimension for best spray skirt fit across all model sizes.

Contour Ergo Creek Seating System// Equipped with Dagger's class-leading ContourErgo Creek Outfitting system.

Ratchet Adjustable Leg Lifter// Features a fully-adjustable ratcheting leg lifter for increased control and responsiveness.

Safety Step-out Wall // Provides increased structural support and leverage for exiting quickly in emergency situations. Also doubles as an internal handle for portaging.

Adjustable Bulkhead Footbrace // Adjusts to fit a variety of heights. Includes foam for incredible comfort.

Modern Hull Design // Flared sidewalls improve nimbleness and keep resistance to a minimum, making it ideal for midstream corrections.

Dynamic Rocker Profile // The high-rockered design not only provides increased responsiveness, but also confidence, allowing you to square up against the largest features.

Security Grab Handles // Five strategically-placed grab handles designed for rescue situations and added security.


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Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 105 × 25.5 × 14.8 in






Paddling Style

River Runner

Color Vapor


Weight Range

140-220 lbs.

Boat Length

8 ft. 9 in.

Boat Volume

89 gal.

Cockpit Size

34 in. x 19 in.

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