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Pyranha Rebel Smoking Gecko

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Product Details
Brand: Pyranha
Condition: New
Serial Number: XJBEYBBAA222

Meet the Pyranha Rebel. Kids wanted and Pyranha made it. The Rebel is as cool looking and easy to paddle as it is comfortable and stable.

The Rebel will have kids out there looking like their paddling heroes. Letting them pull new moves and impress their friends. The lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures. It also provides the kind of top end performance you would expect from legendary whitewater kayaks such as the Burn or the InaZone.

Predictable and great for learning skills, most importantly of all, the Pyranha Rebel is lots of FUN!

Pyranha Features Features

Edges: Forgiving soft edges that keep the Rebel easy to roll. A great asset for kids of any skill level, helping them gain confidence and keeps them having FUN!

Rocker: The bow has a fair amount of rocker to lift kids over river features and keep them out of trouble. The stern rocker has been kept flatter to make the Rebel a super kayak to surf and enjoy whilst playing down the river.

Design: The Rebel is designed entirely around kids. Let them paddle the Rebel and see them excel in a kayak designed to respond to their amount of strength.

Internal Pillars: The Rebel has front and rear foam pillars giving the Rebel structural strength and increasing the kayaks buoyancy.

Anodised Stern Rescue: Pyranha Connect rescue points, made by UK climbing specialist DMM. The security bars are made with the same process that has held DMM at the forefront of the climbing market for years.

Connect Grab Handles: The grab handles are made using climbing grade webbing. The same webbing that you can trust in a climbing harness you can trust in your kayak.

Outfitting: Outfitting designed specifically for kids, with adjustable padded seat, backrest and hip pads.

.Additional information


27.5 lbs


84 × 24 × 15 in







Paddling Style

Creeker, River Runner


Smoking Gecko



Weight Range

55 - 110 lb

Boat Length

7 ft.

Boat Volume

41 gal.

Cockpit Size

30 in. x 17 in.

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