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Used C Plus Jackson Super Fun Blue

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UPC: JKQR2145B606
Brand: Jackson Kayak
Condition: Used
Serial Number: JKQR2145B606

Consignment. Jackson Kayak's fun series took a classic design to the next level. Amazingly simply and versatile this classic play boat is a sure winner.

JACKSON Super Fun Features:

More Volume - resulting in floatier river running and bigger loops

Slicy Shape - reducing water resistance, making it easier to get vertical in flatwater.

Rounded Deck Edges - the friendlier deck shape and softened stern edge allows water to run off smoother for quicker re-surfacing. It also protect your hands and elbows from sharp corners, edges, or deck-lines.

Ample Foot Room

Fast, Loose Hull - making the Super Fun easy to spin and fast on waves.

This used Jackson Super Fun is here on consignment. The boat is in C+ condition, which means it has significant scratching and wear. C+ condition boats can be real diamonds in the rough and still have lot of rivers left to run. Our full rating system can be viewed on our Consignment Program Information page. All used boats are sold as is and all sales are final.


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Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 27.5 × 14.5 in



Jackson Kayak


Super Fun

Paddling Style






Weight Range

189 – 310 lbs.

Boat Length

7 ft.

Boat Volume

70 gal.

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