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The Kern River attracts kayakers of all skill levels. Meet two of the local pros that call the Kern and Sierra South home.  

Photo by Carson Lindsay  
Photo by Casey Bryant Jones  

Johnny Chase

Professional Extreme Kayaker

Your favorite kayaker’s favorite kayaker! Johnny Chase grew up in Kernville, California. In 2005, he hopped in a kayak during a multi-day rafting trip and came away thinking kayaking would never be for him. Five years later, at age fourteen, Evan Moore took Johnny to Salida, Colorado, for the Fibark whitewater festival. After watching and meeting so many amazing people in the whitewater community, he decided to give kayaking another go. Evan and Spencer Josif took Johnny under their wing and taught him everything else they thought he needed to know, which wasn’t much; paddle hard down the center and boof everything. In a few months, Johnny was running easy class V, and by his second year he was running some of the classic class V runs in southern California. After nine years of kayaking he has completed many of his dreams as a kayaker. The biggest of those dreams being: running Metlako falls, competing in the North Fork Championship, and Royal Flushing on the North Fork of the American. All tasks he once thought to be impossible are now some of his favorite memories. The Jackson Nirvana is Johnny’s boat of choice and has taken care of him through the biggest water most people only dream of running. The Nirvana is not only great for the professionals, but is a great option for beginners.
Photo by John Webster  

Evan Moore

Professional Extreme Kayaker

Born and raised on the Kern River; Evan doesn’t know life without rivers and kayaking. At 5 years-old, he was already a talented boater. Now at 23 years-old, he is known as one of the top paddlers in the world and running rivers only the best kayakers on the planet dream of. He recently completed the Royal Flush on the North Fork of the American River in California, which has only been done by a handful of talented kayakers. What is his boat of choice? The Waka Kayaks OG, a great kayak for running huge holes, winning races, and styling 100 ft. waterfalls. Tested and proven to be a game-changing boat by some of the top kayakers in the world.

Photo by Casey Bryant Jones  

Are there other Kern River local pros you’d like to hear about? Let us know!

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